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Concur TMC Preferred Partner Online Travel Solutions

One of the most significant ways your company can achieve compliance and cost avoidance is to adopt an online booking strategy. Travel Incorporated invests the time to understand each company's unique objective and with our industry leading experience, we offer world-class insight to develop your online booking solution.

Online Travel Solutions (OTS) is committed to building efficiencies for the online booking revolution. As a leading provider of online solutions, Travel Incorporated significantly invests in dedicated resources giving our customers an extraordinary advantage.

We have developed systems working in concert with Travel Incorporated online technologies which enable:

  • Maximum Probability for Auto-Ticketing
  • Travel Preference Recognition
  • Policy Violation Detection
  • Simplified Approval Process
  • Complete Visibility of Unused Tickets
  • Maximum Security of Personal Information
  • Mobile Device Capabilities

OTS leads scheduled workshops with online booking providers to discuss the development road map, product improvements and user experiences. OTS thoroughly tests every element to ensure the successful release of all product enhancements.

Our expertise and focus will result in extraordinary success in the following:

  • Increased Online Adoption
  • Cost Avoidance
  • Improved Policy Compliance
  • Strengthened Value of Your Program
  • Improved Preferred Supplier Performance
  • Customized Solutions for your Unique Needs
  • Improved User Satisfaction

Mobile solutions are offered as an extension of our online experience to meet the needs of travelers who are always on the go. Travelers and arrangers have the ability to book travel, manage itineraries, capture receipts and submit expense reports conveniently from their mobile device.