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Hotel Compliance Solution

What you can't see, can hurt you. Industry benchmarks reveal that over 50% of itineraries do not include hotel segments where an overnight stay is planned. Booking hotels through your Travel Management Company (TMC) is the single most challenging area for companies to gain traveler compliance.

Travel Incorporated's Hotel Compliance Solution is proven to increase compliance, improve your preferred supplier performance, and honor the terms of your hotel agreements. On average, our clients have improved hotel attachment rates by 21%.

Why is hotel compliance important to your organization?

  • Duty of Care - When your travelers book outside of your TMC, your organization loses the ability to locate travelers if an incident occurs. Nonconforming travelers are undetectable and increase corporate liability.
  • Negotiating Power - Hoteliers are motivated to negotiate better corporate rates for organizations that consolidate hotel bookings. Organizations who demonstrate a proactive managed travel program achieve greater leverage when negotiating lower corporate rates.
  • Better Budget Forecast - All travel data booked through Travel Incorporated will be accessible in our proprietary reporting & analytics solution, GalaxyNet Analytics. Budget forecasts are simplified when all company travel data is consolidated into a single source with better data.