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eDirect Hotel Solution

Direct billing hotels just got easy with Travel Incorporated's eDirect Hotel Solution. eDirect is the first automated direct hotel billing process that is simple, secure and efficient for corporate procurement and financial managers.

Credit card fraud and data security is the #1 concern among financial managers when direct billing hotels. The conventional process requires a photo copy of your credit card and the cardholder's identification to be transmitted via fax. This is not a secure process or a best practice yet it has been utilized for years due to lack of a better solution - no longer!

You can now have peace of mind. Travel Incorporated has revolutionized the conventional process to reduce the risk of credit card fraud, increase your data security and eliminate the manual element.

Benefits of eDirect:

  • Enhances Security and Credit Card Fraud Protection
  • Fully Automated Process Eliminates Costly Manual Element
  • Functions with Phone-In and Online Reservations