Our Solutions

Business Intelligence

Travel Incorporated believes knowledge is power. Knowledge controls access to opportunity and advancement. Our proprietary GalaxyNet Analytics technology provides you with the power of "Business Intelligence" to visualize and strengthen your program strategy.

Travel Incorporated's Business Intelligence evolves to meet the needs and expectations of our customers. As the industry embraces open booking concepts, Travel Managers need a partner who can provide a solution to capture transactions booked outside of the travel company or corporate online booking tool along with those booked within the program. Our solution permits business travelers to book hotels and rental cars on the supplier's website, obtain their corporate-negotiated rates, and bring all travel-transaction data back into our Business Intelligence. We create the visibility and control necessary to manage a successful program.

Our Intelligence and Analytics resources encompass:

  • Performance Management - Examine comprehensive and actionable data to manage global travel spend and policy compliance provided by GalaxyNet Analytics real-time Reporting & Transaction Search.
  • Benchmarking & Diagnostics - Understand the strengths and opportunities of your program. Our proprietary Dashboard technology allows you to measure your performance against global benchmarks as well as other programs of similar industry and size.
  • "What-If" Analysis - Forecast expectations modeling various alternate possibilities to gage potential effectiveness.
  • Global Data Consolidation - Integrate disparate data from multiple sources and multiple currencies to transform your information into actionable data.