Our Solutions

TI is Mobilizing Your Travel

Travel Incorporated puts all your travel information in the palm of your hand with TI Mobile. Whether you want to see the flight details for your current trip or meet up with your colleagues while on the road, TI Mobile delivers the information you need anytime you want it. TI Mobile gives you one-stop access to all your travel information, such as company policy, travel links, previous and upcoming trips, or prior invoices. TI Mobile is here for you.

Delivering For You

To be truly successful in today's rapid-pace of business travel, your Travel Management Company needs to be connected and deliver beyond what is expected, anticipated or historically required. Travel Incorporated is listening and leading with products that create a culture of Cost Savings, enabling the traveler to be more efficient via Self-Service, while always focusing on the safety and security of your travelers and improving your Duty of Care program.

HotelRateautomatically searches the hotels your travelers have booked for a lower rate - then rebooks without any interruption - saving time and money!

Automated Rebooking

No Impact to Traveler

Increases Compliance

Real Time Reporting

Watch4Me is a new service that alerts travelers of any trip disruptions in real time through SMS or Email. These automated alerts provide the information they need and confidence of being the first to know as well as convenience to respond with a click-to-call.

Eliminate Multiple Airline Apps

Improve Schedule Management

Reduce Uncertainty

Opt-In or Opt-Out

Travel Incorpotated proprietary eItinerary provides a single point of access to the traveler's entire trip, personalizing every step along the way.

Live Chat with Travel Consultant

Streamlined Interface

Flight Check-In Links and Departure Status

Sharing Components with Colleagues and Family

Full Access to Trip History

To learn more about any of these new products or how Travel Incorporated can service your travel business contact us.