Corporate Social Responsibility

Traveling toward a better tomorrow

Travel Incorporated was built upon the ideals of passion, service, and the care and development for all of those we serve. Social Responsibility is not merely a check list ... it is who we are, deeply embedded within our collective identity. Travel Incorporated lives responsibly.

Our Passion

Travel Incorporated is more than just a travel management company. We give back to our community, we conserve energy, and we are environmentally aware of how our business impacts our existence and surroundings. We support the clients we serve, such as Habitat for Humanity International, and are involved in joint projects such as local builds or shared blood drives. We serve a greater cause.

By partnering with entities such as Concur Technologies, Travel Incorporated helps bring efficiencies in the way the federal government purchases travel. We help ensure your tax dollars go further in procuring government travel. The smallest details can make a huge difference in our economy and communities.

Our Service & Environmental Sustainability

Travel Incorporated strives to positively impact our community. We are heavily involved in local charitable opportunities such as cancer walks, the Wounded Warrior Project, assisting centers for disadvantaged children, Toys for Tots, and SPCA.

We bring awareness to the companies we serve by providing their carbon footprint data on our proprietary eItineraries and our Carbon Footprint dashboards.

Travel Incorporated knows that each traveler may be someone's parent, child, spouse, friend or neighbor. From a duty of care perspective, we deliver our clients real time proprietary reporting, providing an added measure of comfort to the families and friends of travelers we serve.

Our People

We listen to our clients and associates for opportunities to improve our services and solutions. At Travel Incorporated, we drive innovation and collaboration at all levels creating an environment where our employees and clients leave a legacy within our own organizations and the world.

At Travel Incorporated we live Socially Responsible.

And by the way, we also happen to be an excellent Corporate Travel Management Company!